May 22, 2009


Easter baskets sit on the kitchen table in the early morning.
Dad has to work but our CA family is visiting so we get to
celebrate with them. The boys are excited and in awe
of their big cousins. It was a fun morning in our house.

Wyatt and his friend, Asher at a local park practice their
egg hunting skills during an early Easter egg hunt with
the PLAY Network gang. Below: Owen surveys the scene
before heading out to find the hiding plastic colored eggs.

Todd's little project

It already looks quite different, but here is our "family"
salt water aquarium that Todd has created and cares for.
It is a lot of work but it has been a fun family project. The
boys love to look at it and watch the creatures move around.

Short Haired BOY

What started as just a trim to the bangs became a bad looking
hair cut when Todd took scissors to Owen. So...
the very next day, Mom took Owen to get a real cut and
before I knew it, Owen's hair was gone and a regular
looking little boy cut remained. It took some getting used to but
my favorite part is that I can finally see his beautiful EYES!
Oh, and he loves his bike or more appropriately, loves doing
tricks on his bike. He is a great kid!

March 29, 2009

SnowBowl...Owen's first skiing trip

Last Saturday, it was family day at the hill. Todd has been up there to snowboard several times this winter but the family has not. Since we bought some skis for Owen we decided we better get up there before the season ends. It was a great weather day and we had a good time. Todd took Owen on the bunny hill while Wyatt and mom played at the bottom on the sled.

A self-portrait of the family on the hill. March 2009.
Owen may look tired here but it was his daddy that really got a workout. Todd didn't know it would be so hard to help Owen down the hill...ten times.

Clark Fork ORGANICS...a local farm

We are part of PLAY Network, a group of local moms who want and need things to do with their kids and want and need other moms to hang out with. We love it and the activities are so fun. Here are some pics from a recent visit to a local farm. We will be visiting there every month since the goats are pregnant and the kids are due late April. It was a cloudy, cold day but the boys really had fun and the chicken coop was nice and squishy...yuck!
Here we are with our little friend, Liam. His mom, Jen is with me in the photo of my new hair.

The chickens really do nest in this house and lay eggs. We saw and held a freshly laid egg.

The baby chicks were so cool. There were a lot of them and the boys stood looking at them running around for the longest time. Finally, I had to pull them away so others could have a turn.

We planted seeds to watch grow throughout the spring.

Here the boys meet the goats. They thought we were going to feed them and casually touched Wyatt's outstretched hand.

I guess Wyatt wasn't done visiting the goats since he tried to climb the fence while we were looking at the chickens. He totally got in trouble while I was busy snapping the pics.

matching PJs

Grandpa Renzelman bought Owen two pairs of these cool pirate PJs when Owen was 18 months. At the time I was thinking he was crazy but obviously, he knew exactly what he was doing. He's a smart one. Now, almost two years later we get to take photos of the boys drinking milk before bed in their matching PJs. Grandpa is one cool guy.

bOunCy hOuSe

A friend of ours lent us this bouncy house and the boys loved it. We set it up in the basement and they had three days of bouncing fun. So, when we had to give it back they were a little sad. I was kinda sad too so I called my mom and asked if she would like to contribute to the Dry's bouncy house need. She said she would and OUR new space-themed house will be here in two days. (Keep your eyes out for new photos) AND...the boys don't have to give it back. Thank you, Grammie!